We are not currently offering swim lessons.  Please check back at a later date.


Our Swim Pro Program is a summer swim lesson program designed to teach swimming and water safety skills to children of all ages. Children will improve their swimming skills and confidence in their abilities over the course of the swimming lessons. All of our lessons are taught by qualified and trained instructors who are also lifeguard certified.

For information and details on which class best suits your needs review the information below. To register your child for swim lessons, please complete the submission form (step 1) and purchase credits (step 2). If you have any questions about the program, please email us at contactus@swimpropool.com

AGES 3-5
Early Beginner
Advanced Beginner
AGES 6-8
Beginner Advanced
Beginner II
AGES 5-10
Intermediate I & II

Early Beginner/Beginner

The swimmers will learn basic swimming skills including: floating, front crawl, elementary backstroke, and treading water. The goal of this level is to build swimmer confidence and to work toward becoming more independent in the water.

Adv Beginner/Adv Beginner II

The swimmers will learn more advanced skills including: breaststroke, backstroke, and surface diving. The goal of this level is to refine basic skills, while introducing more complex skills, and to further the swimmer’s independence.


The swimmers will continue to learn additional skills while mastering breath control and becoming independent of floatation and instructor assistance. The goal of this level is to refine all skills learned while increasing the swimmer’s endurance.

Intermediate II

The swimmers will be introduced to bilateral and rhythmic breathing, and the butterfly stroke. The goal of this level is to reinforce proper swimming techniques while continuing to increase the swimmer’s endurance.


The swimmers will be introduced to front and back sculling, and dolphin dives. The goal of this level is to prepare swimmers for swim team try-outs, to increase endurance and reinforce proper stroke form.

* Stroke Development *

This level will be offered at pools with swim teams and will be taught by the head swim coach or assistant swim coach. The goal of this level will be to refine swimmers stroke, build additional endurance, and practice starts and flip turns.

* Inquiries about stroke development classes should be directed to the
swim team representative in your community. *