Pro Pool has a reputation for providing quality service and maintenance to your swimming pool throughout the summer. Services ranging from daily cleanings to pool restoration. Our service supervisors are trained to assess and evaluate maintenance problems that may develop, and are available to complete any minor or major repairs.


Plan 1

Standard Chemical Service Plan

Chemical Service Plan Our most popular plan for pool owners with automatic pool cleaners.

  • One visit per week.
  • Testing chemicals for proper balance.
  • Treating water with chlorine and other chemicals as needed.
  • All chemicals are included.
  • Backwashing the filter, cleaning the pump basket, bleeding air from the tank.
  • All necessary filter media is included.
  • Inspection of all pool equipment.
  • Minor adjustments and servicing are included.
  • Cleaning the skimmer baskets, pool sweep screens, and baskets, and Polaris vacuum.

Plan 2

Chemical and Cleaning Service Plan

Ideal for pool owners with or without an automatic pool cleaner and who want additional cleaning services conducted.

  • One visit per week.
  • All chemicals and services.
  • Included in PLAN 1, PLUS:
  • Vacuuming of entire pool.
  • Brushing the entire pool surface when necessary.
  • A complete skimming of the pool surface to remove floating leaves, insects, and other debris.
  • Pool tile scrub and cleaning.
  • Maintenance of filter room or filter area.
  • Blowing or hosing of the entire pool deck.
  • Straightening the furniture.

Plan 3

Service plan

Ideal for pool owners with pools that are frequently used. This complete plan will keep the pool sparkling at all hours.

  • Two visits per week.
  • All chemicals and services.
  • Included in PLAN 1 and PLAN 2

Additional Services

  • All full-service plan customers receive complimentary winter pool maintenance and  cover cleaning twice during the winter.
  • Pool Opening including, remove cover, start, test, treat, and vacuum pool.
  • Pool Closing includes cover installation, lines blown, equipment prep & antifreeze.
  • Pool Cover Cleaning and Storage.